Toby Mills on 24/10/2016

Why you should ditch your Satellite dish!

A number of people in the Wairarapa are still using a satellite dish to receive TV, probably because it was on their house or was left behind when they disconnected Sky.If you are one of these people then you might be surprised to learn that you are really missing out when it comes to TV quality.

Toby Mills on 21/10/2016

NZ Boat Show

Wairarapa TV is pleased to announce that the NZ Boat Show has been added to our weekly schedule.

Toby Mills on 19/10/2016

The Final Countdown

This is the last of our behind the scenes posts on what it takes to setup a new local TV channel.This week we cover the complex process of the actual broadcast itself so that you can pickup the signal with your television set.

Toby Mills on 09/08/2016

Live broadcast attracts global audience

Wairarapa Bush is claiming victory in its first attempt to provide live broadcast of club rugby.Coverage of the recent premier one club grand final was streamed live by Wairarapa TV.

Toby Mills on 19/07/2016

Techie Stuff - Under the Hood

Continuing our series of techie posts that cover the process of getting Wairarapa TV up and running, in this post we cover the engine room of Wairarapa TV, the broadcast automation system.The broadcast automation system is what will run Wairarapa TV on a day to day basis and performs a whole range of functions

Toby Mills on 24/05/2016

Live Local Rugby

We are very excited to announce that Wairarapa TV will be broadcasting the Wairarapa Bush Club Finals for the Tui Cup on the 31st of July.As this will be before our official go live date in October, this broadcast will only be available on the internet but we will be re-broadcasting the game again once we go live.

Toby Mills on 20/05/2016

Techie Stuff - Transmission Gear

If you ever wondered what was inside one of these things that you often see mounted on Cellphone towers, you can see inside ours above. Its actually very similar to a sky dish. The protective front cover keeps the wind and rain out and the hoop around the outside stops interference from all of the high powered transmission gear on the tower getting in and interfering with the signal.

Toby Mills on 11/05/2016

Techie Stuff - Broadcast Encoder

The very first step in building a TV channel is figuring out how you are going to get the signal to everyone and then buying (or in our case building) the equipment to do it.We will be broadcasting using Freeview which means we have to get our signal from Masterton up to the broadcast towers on Popoiti Hill 23km away. This is quite a logistical challenge

Toby Mills on 11/05/2016


Welcome to Wairarapa TV!!!We are well on our way to setting up an awesome new Tourism and Local content focussed channel for the Wairarapa.